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CTS PacLease offers lease and rental trucks that increase delivery reliability and help free up your working capital.
Commercial truck leasing can improve service reliability, reduce employee turnover, and allow you to focus on your core business. PacLease helps reduce transportation costs while allowing you to maintain high levels of customer service during your busy seasons. PacLease provides contract maintenance, electronic fleet maintenance and flexible rental solutions.


PacLease provides flexible truck rental solutions for your short-term transportation needs.
Seasonal business spikes, new market opportunities and vehicle breakdowns can all create the need for rental truck on a short-term basis. For many companies that operate trucks, rentals are an essential component of their transportation strategy - offering the element of flexibility to keep them operating smoothly. The rental truck you select should be a good fit for your transportation requirements. And since your company's image and reputation ride along with the delevery of your product, you should expect much more than just a reliable vehicle.At PacLease, we believe that a rental truck can be a positive short-term addition to your fleet. The key is renting from a trusted transportation partner.

Why full service Lease?

Positive Financial Impact

  • No down payment required
  • Costs are easily budgeted for years in the future
  • No effect on debt to equity ratio
  • Pre-Tax expense
  • May avoid alternative minimum tax

Management Efficiencies

  • Less drain on administrative and management personnel due to outsourcing of vehicle service
  • Reduces your overhead costs associated with vehicle operations

Maximize Equipment Uptime

  • Controlled service which is professionally monitored and measured
  • Investment in repairs before component failure
  • Preventative maintenance inspections performed by certified technicians
  • Premium tires & services
  • Premium equipment with matched components which leads to more efficient operations

Maximize Transportation Budget

  • Lower overall maintenance costs
  • Take advantage of Paccar's buying power

PacLease Lease Sales MB/SK - Brent Bozlovitch
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PacLease Rentals MB/SK - Kim Giesbrecht
Direct: (204) 282-9786

Director of Operations - Paul Hamm
Direct: (204) 282-9774

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